Welcome to Wanabrar.com! It’s a site where we post weekly anime thoughts, reviews, some news, gaming and other related post which targets specific type of audience generally otaku and bloggers alike. Generally this site talks about anime related stuff of weekly shows that we are watching, and some news about the anime world. We also mix some manga, figures, editorial, and gaming related material too, such as news, let’s play videos, and review.

Wanabrar.com was created with the purpose of posting anime related materials in mind. The site used to be about both anime and gaming, but I decided to just stick with anime only, due to time constrains in 2011. It was inactive in late 2012 due to my studies, and it goes downwards after that with all the amazing writers we have all together. It is then revived in the middle of 2014 running again and posting as usual up till now.