Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 5 Thoughts

Never skip the opening song of Sakamichi no Apollon because it’s awesome. I just heard the full version of the song and it was even better. The song was sung by Yuki, entitled Sakamichi no Melody. You can here the full song by clicking here. Enough about the opening, lets talk about the episode. It all started with  that one problem that we all know about. Kaoru definitely got some balls last week, and now that he think Ri-chan doesn’t like her anymore he somehow gives up? Common Kaoru you are better than that. The idea was good, Ri-chan asking some help from Sentarou’s sister to find out what Kaoru’s feelings is towards what happen, was great. I think I’ve done it myself before but with a different communication tool.

Sentarou is definitely the type of best friend that everyone should have. Glad he took the time to help Kaoru with his problems. More bromance is always nice. Kaoru’s dad showed up this week, and he is quite handsome, looks like and old version of Jun though. What do you think? Speaking of Jun, lol! He is avoiding any contact with Yurika for some reason. From the start, I think Jun doesn’t like her that much but at some point he seems to like her for some reason. Damn I just don’t know. Phew, thanks Kaoru for hiding those letters, wonder what will happen if Sentarou finds out. Both might end up drunk in the streets of Tokyo? lol!

The best part of the show was definitely the part where Kaoru gets to met her mother. It was probably the first time he saw her since he has grown up, and it was definitely touching. I really like an anime that could play with my feeling, it just makes me like the series even more. Next time Kaoru meets her mother, i’d like to see her with her lovely long hair. Lets just hope they let us know what is going on with Kaoru dad and mom sooner or later. The ending was just great, Kaoru’s feeling is sorted out and he is back to normal. Now lets hope there will be more of this jam session in the next episode, sadly there was none in this episode.

Overall the episode was just great. Definitely my top anime for this season without a doubt. The music, animation,drama, the bromance and etc is just great. I don’t know if I can wait every week anymore… I might check out the manga soon. Next episode time for a break with all of this drama? Maybe. Would love to hear more of those jam sessions and maybe some serious talk between Kaoru and his dad? I wish this anime had a preview because it’s killing me. I need the next episode now! Thanks for reading as always. Remember to vote for us on the Aniblog Tourney. Later.

  1. hoshiko

    When Sentarou and Kaoru got drunk, I thought Kaoru might accidentally revealed Ri-chan's feelings to Sentarou. Kind of disappointed that it didn't happen, lol. I wanted to know how Sentarou will react if he found out the person Ri-chan likes is him.

    Of course will remember to vote for you! Good luck and I hope you win =)
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    • Errmm that would be a shocker. Never thought Kaory was going to do that at all. I think Sentarou should have known by now if he had experience in love.. But damn! That guy knows nothing about love lol! Definitely would like to see that happening. I just hope it's not too soon.

      Thanks for the vote 😉

    • Interesting. Didn't hear that song for a long time. Definitely one of the best.

      I know right. I love those kind of figures too. It makes the anime more interesting. That is for sure.

  2. i just watched this episode a few minutes ago and damn it was good. I was also thinking of checking out the manga, i don't normally read manga but I think i would enjoy this one.
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  3. The bit with the cups on string was a nice way to for the characters to talk about things without having to see each others immediate reactions. It was almost as good as the bit where Kaoru's mum gets left behind on the train platform.

    I'm looking forward to some more Jazz next episode.
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