Nendoroid Planet app and Nendoroid Generations PSP game Announced


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Good Smile Company’s celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a ton of new things, not which the least is the new game Nendoroid Generations. The actual announcement of the game came about two weeks ago (In fact, Tomopop community member BTA made a very brief c-blog about it) and it was mentioned again recently at the GSC 10th Anniversary party. According to Nendonesia, the Bandai Namco-produced game will feature characters from popular Nendo series like BRS, Haruhi, Fate/stay night and Nanoha.

But that wasn’t the only thing announced for the digital realm. They also announced a new iPhone app called Nendoroid Planet, to be released at the end of May or early June. It’ll be a catalog of all the Nendoroids and include some 3D models as well.

Andres says he’d buy this game “if you defeat enemies by pointing out their heavy heads, to which they fall over.” So that’s perhaps one sale? Maybe? What do you guys think of the news?

[Photos via Danny Choo. Also, balloon dresses. Seriously. Check out the photos.]



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