K episode 3 Thoughts

I’m not very thrilled with what direction K has decided to go.  It has such beautiful animation/art directions and a very good soundtrack so it should be good right?  The story has been extremely mediocre so far.  We are bombarded with a large number of characters that have minimal development and I have found myself getting lost.  The show has belittled its self to cheap fan service that has done nothing for me so far.  I don’t mind minimal fan service in serious anime but when it is so blatant that it is shoved in my face it does nothing for me.  I prefer it when it is subtle.  I’m going to stop complaining but I am going to go out and say it, I hate the Cat, I don’t find her attractive and I don’t want to see her naked; write her off the stupid show.

We learn a lot more about the “kings” of K.  There are 7 of them and they are all associated with a color.  Unfortunately this reminds me of Accel World.  I hope K is able to at least make some better “kings” than that series.  So far there is the Red King who is currently in jail and the Blue King, the man that put him there.  The Red “clan” can control fire and represent hate and anger; the Blue “clan” can control Ice.  I’m not sure what they represent, maybe structure and power.  Both clans seem to hate each other but we are not provided with any concrete information of why this is.  We are also told that Shiro is the colorless king or whatever that means.  Hopefully we will get a little explanation in the future.

(Seems a little unnecessary)

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