Free Mewtwo Character for Pokemon Black/White Owners

According the official Pokemon site on Tuesday, starting on February 12th all Pokemon Black/White Owners will get a chance to download Mewtwo for free over Wi-Fi.. The giveaway page specifies that the special Mewtwo will come with a move that he can’t normally learn, so it does seem like this is the same as the Japanese giveaway, where Mewtwo came with Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Electro Ball. In the Japanese giveaway, Mewtwo was at level 70 and carried a King’s Rock, which gives you a higher chance of making the opponent flinch. The official page notes that further information will be made available “soon.”

  1. Overlord-G

    I remember using a Master Ball to catch Mewtwo in Yellow but that was a long time ago. Sadly I don't have a DS so I can't own Mewtwo again. They sure gave him a lot of "Hadoukens" didn't they?

  2. A bit too late for this, lol.
    Already finished the game already (beat the elite four three times), so not sure if it really worth it. Although, it is free 😀

  3. hippiefreak12

    I wish the third version of Black and White comes out…I could always use a pokemon game

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