Bootleg Pokemon Fighting Game Looks Awesome

Pokemon that has a battle system like Street Fighter? Yes, a dream come true! This Pokemon game is called Pokémon: Type Wild. This custom fan-made game may not have the world’s slickest front-end, but those character animations are to die for. The game isn’t quite finished, but it is playable, so if you want to give it a try, check out the instructions here. Below are the gameplay footage.

Download the game here : Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

  1. Overlord-G

    Ah yes, Type Wild. I find it funny beating up opponents using Gardevoir or Lopunny, my 2 fav character to use in the game. A decent Doujin Fighter to be sure.

    • Need more character though. If there were more it would be perfect. I know it's something hard to do but of course, if someone else things it's a nice game. Why not help them out with the sprites.

      • Overlord-G

        It would be epic if they're to add some of the new generation Pokemon like Gothitelle and Krookodile. Also, why isn't Ursaring in the game? I mean, both Combusken and Blaziken are in it but no Ursaring? Heck, even Swalot…I'm surprised they didn't add Muk.

        • At least the fire, water and leaf starting pokemon should be added in the game. I know what you mean man. I wish they added all the legendary pokemons as well. LOL! Muk!

  2. hoshiko

    Oh cool! I'm not a pokemon fan but I like games like Street Fighter. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

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