Blog Update

As you all have already noticed, I stopped blogging halfway last season. This is mostly because I was busy again, and I can’t keep up with it as time goes. Considering that I won’t have much time to blog a full length post for a long time again, it’s best that I keep continuing to post content on it. With that I’m gonna revert back to this old theme again, and start posting my thoughts on anime episodes and what not in micro-format. I’m gonna share my thoughts, but just a small amount of it using Twitter. Occasionally there might be anime news base on videos and what not, and maybe i’ll share some anime art as well for you guys. If there is more time, I’d like to talk a little bit about gaming too if time permits. Thanks for still checking out this blog at times. I appreciate it, and it will live on for as long as I’m alive, I hope.

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